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Dear Prime Time Player,

Thanks so much for writing me a thing! I'm sure I'll love whatever you write for me, but some things I especially like are friendships, plots, h/c with extra comfort, and happy endings. I'll read pretty much anything if it's written well, but generally for things written for me I don't want darkfic, or things that end unhappily, or my OTPs to be unrequited. Most of my thoughts on comic books are on my tumblr, though I'm not...sure how you can find anything specific.


Teen Titans (Comics)
Tim Drake, Kon-El
Coming into DC comics through Tim/Kon AFTER the reboot has been a source of much suffering in my life, but I think I've reached a state of zen acceptance. The pre-reboot universe is still ongoing in my mind, even if it's not being written about. I love Tim and Kon together in any way; though I ship them so hard I love their friendship the most, so just writing them as platonic friends is fine if you don't like the pairing. I'd love something set after the end of Teen Titans/Red Robin/Superboy, continuing the universe, or if you want to write something set in Young Justice or early Teen Titans-era that would be awesome. Basically, I will love anything with Tim and Kon in it. I also love pretty much all of the other Teen Titans, especially Bart and Cassie, so core four shenanigans would be extra awesome. I also like Tim/Kon/Cassie as a pairing, as long as it's essentially an equal triangle and not with some people more into one than the other.

Random things to spark ideas: the team working together, the core four working through their issues together, the Titans descending on Gotham with the blessing of Dick!Bats, Tim Drake-Wayne out on the town with who?, the return of Arrowette?, making out in the hayloft

I'm more familiar with the Batfamily than the Supers or any other part of the DC universe, but don't let that constrain you! I enjoy learning canon through fic, and I can use google.

X-Men: First Class (2011)
Armando Muñoz, Alex Summers

So I want Darwin fix-it! I prefer the kind where he returns somehow after Cuba, but an AU version of the movie where Darwin survives would be great too. I ship Darwin with Alex, and I would like to see more of their friendship at least, even if not as a pairing. Something dealing with Alex's guilt is fine, but I don't want just angst! I would love to see them going on a mission, or working to start the school. Throwing in other X-Men characters is great - I'm most familiar with the movies and the current run of X-Factor, but I have google!

Throwing in other pairings is fine, the only one I don't like is Hank/Alex. I like Cherik, but I don't want a fic about them - there are a lot already!

Young Justice (Cartoon)

Anything Kaldur-centric would be awesome! I don't particularly ship him with anyone, but I don't mind most pairings. (If you do want to write a ship, I like him with Roy, Garth and/or Tula, I crackship him with Dick, and I think future!fic with him and Artemis could be really interesting.)

Basically, Kaldur is my favorite. I love him so much, and I don't understand why everyone doesn't love him like I do. He's quiet, dignified, wise, calm, and a great leader as well as hot. And I'm sure he has a lot of angst from being deep undercover for so long - that has to wear at a person. I'd maybe like to see his thoughts while undercover and dealing with his father while knowing he was going to betray him in the end, or what specifically drove him to take on such a mission, or! I'd really like to see the new members of the team getting to know and love him after he's resumed leadership. But really. Anything you write starring Kaldur will make me ecstatic.

(This is now finished! I'm sorry if you saw it while it was still a placeholder!)

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