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Life continues to be depressing. I continue to read comic books, which are ALSO depressing. I also forgot how much I hated following things that came out monthly.

Well, whatever. In an effort to be upbeat:

Things I Am Excited About
+ Ants of Heaven! I am DYING waiting for this to be translated, I need all the Tenpou & Kenren right now.
+ Wild Adapter is returning soon!
+ YOUNG AVENGERS IN JANUARY! To Do: Catch up on/finish Journey into Mystery, read Vengeance, probably just read Noh-Varr's wikipedia page.

Not being upbeat:
Things I Am Sad About:
- I hate reading scans a lot. I really should find a comic viewer with a better magnify option - Comix is great on my netbook, but I would much rather read on my Windows desktop with a screen that is 13" larger.
- Comics take way too long to read. I could read an entire volume of manga in 30 minutes, but comics have like, walls of text in every tiny bubble. It's harder to read, too.
- Pretty sure I will never forgive my sister for getting me into DC. My only consolation is that she also suffers.

I am also now trying this thing where I interact with people and leave comments sometimes? It's kind of terrifying but I'll keep at it!

And finally, I wrote a crack ficlet after seeing like 5 posts in the Young Avengers tag going "omg Teddy cheated on Billy?!" so I am posting it here for archival purposes.

Teddy silently closed the door behind him, careful not to wake up his sleeping boyfr- Billy, who was standing right in front of him, glaring intensely.

“Teddy,” he said, and the word promised certain doom, “what is this?” He held up a large piece of spandex, obviously a piece of a costume.

Oh, shit. “Um,” he tried, “Tommy must have left it here?”

“Theodore Altman,” Billy’s voice was rising with every word, “*are you lying to me*?”

Teddy winced. “Look, I can explain-“

Billy was practically shrieking. “*Have you been seeing another superhero team*?”


“Who were they? Was it Avengers Academy? The Runaways? The X-Men? Was it *Northstar*?”

“Billy, I’m not even a mutant-“

“Someone in town? The Avengers? The *New* Avengers? X-Factor Investigations?” His eyes went wide. “Oh my god, have you been seeing *Shatterstar*?” His eyes started to fill with tears. “How *could* you?”

“Billy! It’s not like that-“

Billy turned away from him, sobbing, and ran from the room. “I HATE YOU, TEDDY. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?” The door slammed behind him, and then a few seconds later, opened and slammed again, more loudly.

Teddy put his face in his palm.

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Oct. 12th, 2012 09:52 pm (UTC)
I don't read Marvel, but I totally enjoy the movies and I can't help but be excited for Young Avengers.

I've used CDisplay for six years now and really like it on my net book's 10 inch screen and my 17inch screen laptop.

Haha, what do you read in DC? It took over my life for about a year until I dropped it cold-turkey for four years and now I'm back. It's so addicting.
Oct. 12th, 2012 10:04 pm (UTC)
I love Young Avengers so much! You should read it unless you are trying to avoid new comics because comics are evil!

Yeah, I use CDisplay now, I dislike their magnification options. I'll try out ComicRack.

I've been reading preboot Batfamily stuff, mainly. Of the New 52 I am currently following Red Hood and the Outlaws and enjoying it because who needs good taste? I might try something ongoing that is actually good...or I might read Teen Titans >.> What are you reading?
Oct. 12th, 2012 10:18 pm (UTC)
I know that RHaTO is considered a train wreck, but I have to admit that it's the first comic that I read in the DCnU after getting back into DC, and I love it.

I read...RHaTO, of course, Batman, Batman and Robin, Nightwing, Teen Titans, The Dark Knight, Detective Comics, Supergirl, Superboy (sort of), tie-ins of Batgirl and Catwoman to the other Bat books, Batwing, Amethyst, and I'm trying to get into Demon Knights. Oh, and the Young Justice comic, and I have Arrow, though I haven't read it yet, and a whole bunch of 0 issues that I plan on reading eventually and deciding from there what series to pick up.

I also need to re-read Red Robin. I do adore pre-reboot Batfamily. I really miss the Dick/Damian interaction, though I do enjoy him in the DCnU. So far, he seems like the one character (and maybe Dick) that didn't have real characterization issues.

It's not that I avoid new comics (though I was *shocked* this week because I only had to download like three issues, which is a small number for me...), but can I read that series with like no other Marvel knowledge? I mean, yeah, I know the characters sort of from the movies, but movie/comic characterization tends to differ in my experience...

I...don't think I've ever magnified in CDisplay? I just open the pogram and it full-screens itself automatically and that's usually enough for me. The scrolling can be a bit annoying, I guess, but I'm so used to it that it doesn't really bother me anymore.
Oct. 12th, 2012 11:10 pm (UTC)
I'm also considering Batman & Robin, but I doubt I'd want to read about Damian with Bruce. I'm waiting on the library to get the last trade in to finish out preboot Batman & Robin, but I love the Dick/Damian interaction as well. Maybe I should just make the library get the first trade of everything New-52 for me.

Does the Young Justice comic expand much on the show? I know it didn't cover any of the timeskip...

Hmm...my previous Marvel knowledge came entirely from the movies and reading about 5000 Steve/Tony fanfics; Young Avengers was literally the first Marvel title I'd read. The basics that you need to know are explained in the series, though I'm sure it adds a lot if you're familiar with Marvel history. Movie and comic characterization *is* different, but the adult Avengers don't show up enough at first for it to be really apparent (unless you read Civil War or something). I guess the main things I'd be confused about in the first part are: 'Why did the Avengers break up?' (Because the Scarlet Witch went crazy and killed a few of them so they were sad) and 'Who is Jessica Jones?' (The girlfriend/wife of Avenger Luke Cage (Power Man) and a former super-heroine).

I don't read well scrolling through at full size; I have difficulty following if I can't see the whole page. The ideal way for me to read is to fit the full page to screen and then zoom in on the text and anything I want to see more closely.
Oct. 13th, 2012 06:37 am (UTC)
Bruce/Damian is a different dynamic than Dick/Damian, of course, but it still shows how Damian has grown since he first came to them. There's this adorable scene in the most recent issue where Damian is sleeping against Titus (he's a dog Bruce gets him in...maybe BR 5?) and that would never have happened before. Really, Damian seems to be one of the few characters the New 52 hasn't butchered, which I'm thankful for. There's actually a scene in Batman, Inc. where Damian point blank tells Bruce he wishes he were still patrolling with Dick. It's one of the few redeeming scenes in that book, tbh.

If you can get the trades, I think they're worth reading. The Night of the Owls was a good story line. The 0 issues were both good in some ways (Damian's was adorable) and awful in others (Tim's), but they do lend insight to where the characters are at now. I'm pretty close to viewing New 52 as an AU to the pre-reboot, because a lot of characters are off. But there are some good stories, so I wouldn't completely write it off. And this huge arc with the Joker is starting now, so that's bound to be good.

Did you read any of Red Robin? Batgirl? Gates of Gotham? The JLA issues with Dick!Bats are supposed to be good, though I haven't read them yet. Same with the Supergirl/Damian cross-over that I *think* is in World's Finest, though I'm not sure. I have the issues somewhere, but I haven't read them all yet. I sort of went on a Damian-reading kick when I got back into the DC(n)U. And I MUST read Red Hood:Lost Days. I adore Jason, and as long as he has his own book, I don't care who writes it (plus Lobdell seemed like a pretty nice guy when my sister and I met him in person).

The YJ comic right now is about how Jaime joins the team. In...December, I think, the comic is going to go back and spend a few issues on the time skip. The comics aren't necessary to read to understand the show (and supposedly you should be able to read them without watching the show), but I like the extra look at the characters.

Well, I think I'll give Young Avengers a try, then. I thought Scarlet Witch was good? That's Wanda, right? Someone on tumblr keeps posting photosets with her and mentioned a bit about her. She seems pretty cool, how come she went crazy? Jessica Jones sounds *slighly* familiar, though I have no idea who Power Man is, so... Civil War is when the Avengers broke up because half wanted mutants to register and half didn't, or something like that, right?
Oct. 13th, 2012 04:34 pm (UTC)
Okay, I'm trying Batman & Robin. The library does have the first trade, anyway. I read the batkids' 0 issues, omg Damian dressing up socute! I honestly do view the DCnU as a different universe from the preboot, and I guess I'm okay with it since I came in so late. For fans, I can only imagine it would be like if Marvel cancelled all their main universe titles and only published Ultimates (their "dark and edgy" universe) while insisting it was totally the same thing.

I'm holding off on Red Robin as I attempt some Robin and Teen Titans V...whatever, Timmy's generation. (I'm also sort-of reading 90s Young Justice, which is hilarious but the scans are even harder to read than usual.) I'm reading Steph's Batgirl right now, it's great. I want her to team-up with Damian *all* the time. I haven't read any of Gates of Gotham or JLA.

I LOVE JASON SO MUCH. Ahem. Yeah, some of the Lobdell hate is a little over the top. He's obviously not the deepest of writers, and he might be doing the characters "wrong", but I doubt he's a terrible person and half of tumblr seems to think he ran over their puppy or something. Whatever, I'm just going to sit back and enjoy more awesome space adventure this month.

I've watched Young Justice (which is not on today wtf is going on) so I'm just wondering how much more is covered in the comics. I feel like they could all use some more character development, although I guess I mostly feel that way about season 2 since they SKIPPED it all.

YAY! It should be pretty easy to find, but let me know if you need anything uploaded. Especially let me know if you want to read past the main series, since most reading guides list everything and I can tell you what to skip. I can also do a quick guide to Marvel characters/events...maybe I'll do that for fun, anyway. Yes, Wanda is the Scarlet Witch, she is indeed a good guy and an Avenger. The short answer to why she went crazy is "Bendis" but in-universe it was because. Okay, I will be brief. Once upon a time Wanda fell in love with a robot named The Vision and they got married. They wanted children and luckily Wanda could use her magical powers to make herself pregnant. She had twin boys. Except possibly they only existed when she was looking at them, and possibly they were pieces of the demon Mephisto, who wanted them back. Possibly he re-absorbed them, idk what happened, anyway, the twins were gone. At some point, Wanda's mentor apparently erased her memory of them. Then one day an Avenger mentioned her kids and Wanda started to remember them. At this point Wanda was apparently having trouble controlling her powers and was also insanely powerful, as her power-level fluctuates per writer/plot. She sort of snapped and blamed the Avengers for the loss of her children, and decided to punish them. She ended up killing Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Hawkeye (Clint Barton), and The Vision. After this she sort of shaped the world into an alternate universe where mutants were in charge, but the heroes put an end to that right quick because who wants mutants to not be persecuted? (Seriously, they never came up with a good reason for this.) After they made her put the world back the way it was, she decided the other way to end suffering was to get rid of mutants. So with the words "No more mutants" she de-powered all the mutants in the world except the ones in currently-running X-titles. So that's what had been going on before the start of Young Avengers.

Civil War is incredibly dumb and yes, it's when the entire superhero community split up because of superhero registration. The Young Avengers appear in it but it doesn't really...affect their main plotline at all.
Oct. 25th, 2012 03:37 am (UTC)
I think Damian's 0 issue was by far the best of them all. I didn't mind Dick's or Jason's really (the whole Sheila/Caroline thing was weird and the fact that his mom was pregnant, but eh), but Tim's was just bad and the others were pretty meh (what was up with Batman's TBC?)

When I first read the DCnU, I wasn't really a Steph fan and while I liked Cass, she hadn't been a major player in the books I was currently reading, so her absence wasn't really felt. I see why most fans are so upset, but for the most part I do like the stories they're telling now.

Jason is awesome. He totally deserves his own series and Roy and Kori are great. Lobdell isn't wonderful, and he did admit at Comikaze that he hasn't read War Games which is like the arc where Jason comes back from the dead, except you don't realize it's him, but it's important, okay? So I was skeptical at that, but I imagine being a comic writer is hard, because not only do you have DC breathing down your throat, but there is so much history and then there are the fans, and...

I don't know -- I clearly wasn't reading comics when Crisis on Infinite Earths came about, but this situation strikes me as VERY similar, what with the whole reboot and all. But we'll see, I guess.

There is a bit more character development in the comics, but not a lot. They comics so far have been battles spanning a couple of issues each, so there's some insight into the characters, but no real backstories more than what we've gotten in the show. If you can download them, I'd suggest giving them a try (at least when the books dealing with the 5 year gap come out), but don't spend money on them.

So how come Wanda left those mutants, but depowered the rest of them? That story does sound very confusing, but then I think about having to explain DC crisi to people not familiar with the comics and... yeah. Comics in general are so confusing. I really don't know how people just randomly decide to get into comics without any sort of intro...

Oct. 25th, 2012 05:12 am (UTC)
The pregnant thing *was* weird, I wonder if he has actual plans for that.

Eh, I can't bring myself to care much about who's left out of the reboot. The old universe is gone, the characters wouldn't be the same anyway. (As my sister put it, "they all died in the reboot.")

I can't imagine writing for comics. Editorial mandates, demanding fans, 50+ years of continuity that's been retconned time and again, crossing the characters over into other titles by your choice or not... superhero comics are just a really weird genre.

I got the first YJ trade from the library, it looks okay. Mostly I'm just remembering happier days with Kaldur ;.;

I have no idea if there's an in-world explanation for why some mutants kept their powers. Wanda didn't leave them on purpose, as far as I know. It is ridiculous and confusing, but I promise that all the backstory you need is explained in the series.

I don't even know why I decided to get into comics this time, it was a terrible idea. I read Sandman when I was in high school, and never felt any compulsion to read anything beyond it. At some point a couple years later I decided to try the supers thing and read Runaways, got really mad at who turned out to be evil, and quit and went back to manga. I should have learned my lesson then. I blame movies and really good fic writers.
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