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I need to start keeping track of comics I've read, I no longer even remember. Also, it's difficult to have new interests when you don't have any money.

I finally watched Young Justice (animated), in a very confused manner. Sarah and I started watching it weekly as it re-aired beginning with the last two episodes of season one, so I've been slowly watching season one from the beginning over the past couple months while watching season two weekly. New episodes start back up this weekend, so, buoyed by the extreme relief I felt over the revelations of the latest aired episode, I finally finished season one. Now I no longer remember anything about season two. Sigh.

I was thinking about ensemble casts, and how I can't really list my favorite characters per canon in order. I usually have three tiers: love, like, dislike; with some outliers.

For instance, Young Justice. Love: Kaldur, Dick. Like: Artemis, Zatanna, Wally (about half the time). Dislike: M'gann, Conner, Roy (usually).

In Young Avengers, my groupings are: Love the Most: Teddy, Billy. Love Only Slightly Less: Kate, Eli, Tommy. Largely Indifferent To: Cassie, Jonas. Nate has his own category of "Fail".

(Also it occurs to me that maybe I should try being a fan of characters who aren't teenagers because I feel creepy when I read porn of them.)

With X-Factor I just basically want it to be a sitcom alternating between The Adventures of Rictor and Shatterstar (featuring Rahne and wolfbaby) and The Adventures of Monet (and Terry) Being Fabulous. Jamie and Layla can be recurring characters, Longshot can be comic relief, and maybe Darwin and Polaris can show up for hijinks sometimes.

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